It’s from San Francisco, in Silicon Valley that, Roberto Siagri, Eurotech Ceo, launches this proposal: one ‘manifesto’, signed by digital technology companies, about the advantages of digital development for: environmental and social sustainability. How can technology help counteract the effects of so-called global warming and wealth distribution? According to Roberto Siagri, Eurotech Ceo: ‘Any company like ours, together, with other American technology companies and with companies in the rest of the world, must use their technologies to change the economic model. From a tangibile ecnomy to an intangibile one more based on the outcome and usage of prducuts then their ownership. In this way, corporate production models will move automatically, from linear to circular. All this is possible only through digital transformation. There are huge margins for the reduction of waste, also and above all, a substantial decrease in the use of energy and resources. Applying technology it is possible to build a future of sustainable growth, drastically reducing the effects of anthropic climate changes; to improve business productivity and the general well-being of the people on the planet. This is what digital technology can allow us to achieve, together with the common denominator of eliminating the effects of global warming, it would be useful for companies in the technological sector to unite in writing a ‘manifesto’: what can digital technology do? For the environmental and sustainable future of our planet? In a summa of union of intents, we could formally deposit what is needed today to say and do for a digitaly founded sustainability. We live in a crucial historical period for the whole world: a digital renaissance of the planet enabling the environmental sustainability. Eurotech is an high-tech multinational company listed on the Milan stock exchange. The company is active in the high performance edge computing and in the industrial internet of things. In Usa the company has its Us hq in Columbia (Md), and branches in Salt Lake City (UT), Huntsville (AL) and Portland (OR), Lake Forest (CA), and the USA business account for 50% of the revenues. The remaining revenues, are split between Europe and Japan.

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