Giuseppe Tosolini (left) and Carlo Dall’Ava

Carlo Dall’Ava and Distillerie Tosolini make themselves available to consumers by selling their products online, at this time of serious social, economic and health problems. “Together we can!” It is with this slogan that the Tosolini distillery in Friuli wants to make its personal contribution to the Civil Protection. On the purchase of each distillate, which can take place online: http://shop.bepitosolini.it, of the selections: Most, Grappe and Amari, the historic distillery of Povoletto will allocate € 1.00 to the Civil Protection and further € 1.00 donated directly by the company, to support the operators involved in this particular and delicate moment in the territory. The products will be shipped directly to your home. prosciuttocompany.com: that is, how to buy San Daniele ham online, comfortably from home. The idea is by Carlo Dall’Ava the king of raw ham, made in Fvg. The consumer can buy thighs from the IE brand, with the confirmation of the typical quality of Dall’Ava. In fact, an online sales site has been created: www.prsociuttocompany.com, aimed at everyone, especially those who may already know the famous Friulian ham, and are far from the place of origin of the product, and want to enjoy an all-Italian excellence on their tables. Shipments are guaranteed throughout Italy, for different types of product. We think it could be an excellent solution for those who always want to consume our ham and receive it at home directly, in this case, e-commerce comes to our aid, even at a time like the one we are living in strong social isolation” says Carlo Dall’Ava.

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