Now in its third generation, the Venica&Venica winery celebrates 90 years since its foundation in 1930. And, ironically, right at the moment of crisis caused by the Covid-19, to celebrate (unintentionally) the genetliaco is the Forbes magazine, which has included those of the winery of Collio Gorizia among the best 15 wines to drink, to spend the best period of isolation, as Gianni Venica, who together with his brother Giorgio leads the company, wants to say.
The winery (the current main body) was purchased by the founder, Daniele Venica, who made it known throughout the region.
A story born, just like today, in the difficult years between the two wars: in 1930 the historical and social situation was not the most serene with the strong world economic depression. Gianni Venica also explains: “The debt that our grandfather Daniele contracted at the time to found the winery doubled due to deflation. Holding on, then, as today, was the winning card. Despite the initial very serious difficulties, the company prospered”.
For the 90th anniversary celebration, then, it’s all just postponed: “When we get over the current emergency, we’ll make a big toast not only to our 90th anniversary but also to Italy, looking to the rebirth,” they explain in the winery.
Today Venica&Venica has 24 employees, including 7 family members and 17 employees, and produces 300,000 bottles a year.

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