Eurotech, a high-tech multinational company listed on the Milan stock exchange (ticker ETH.IM), with branches in Columbia (Md), Salt Lake City (Utah), according to financial analysts, closed 2019 with revenues in excess of 100 million euros. The stock price surged an impressive +160 percent during the last year. One of Eurotech’s unique and innovative products, that contributed to the company’s stellar performance, is the ‘green’ High Performance Edge Computer used on car prototypes to achieve L5 autonomy. It features hot water-cooling technology that allows an energy reduction of 90 percent, when compared with traditional air-cooling technology. Moreover, it permits a factor 10 size reduction, enabling, for instance, the installation of a powerful Data Center in the trunk of a car. Eurotech’s HPECs combined with their Industrial-grade IoT platform represent some of the most prominent achievements of its R&D division which currently boasts more than 100 engineers. Approximately 50 percent of the company turnover is generated in the United States, while the remaining is split between Europe and Japan. Eurotech is fully committed to the advancement of a sustainable society: Roberto Siagri, Eurotech’s CEO, launched the idea of a manifesto to be signed by the planet’s technology companies, specifically those active in the digital transformation, to promote digitalization’s largely untapped, powerful potential to dramatically reduce climate change as well as to increase the distribution of well-being to all individuals. According to Siagri, it is the proper use of data generated by the Internet of Things that is allowing the planet to become more sustainable. Data empowers radical change; new business models will replace the archaic idea of ownership, and aim towards product use or the result generated by the product, thus leading the way to a circular economy. Furthermore, according to Siagri, the self-driving car not only represents a concentrate of all new technologies: IoT, big data, edge computing, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, but it also best demonstrates the business transformation currently taking place. The transition from product to service is what the planet requires in order to balance economic growth with low environmental impact and an improved wellbeing. And it is precisely on autonomous driving that Eurotech is partnering with car makers, especially in the quest for full autonomy which, will enable the transition from selling the product to selling the use of the product. In fact, it is on the L5 prototypes of self-driving cars that Eurotech’s ‘green’ miniaturized supercomputers are installed. They enable the execution of complex artificial intelligence algorithms on-board vehicles. I think that the foundations of the present and the near future are changing in favor of an ethical-environmental vision of doing business, explains Siagri, “the cornerstones of corporate responsibility are changing. Digital technologies are at the basis of the realization of a better world, thanks to much more sustainable economic models that will still foster economic growth while, at the same time, improve the distribution of well-being. The industrial sector can no longer develop products that do not have an added value in terms of respect and protection of the environment. The digital transformation will facilitate this new approach and serve businesses as they strive towards sustainability. We are committed to creating, with our digital innovations, a better world from all points of view. This new approach and new respect has opened the debate to rethink and reinterpret capitalism as also confirmed recently in Davos, where business leaders called for a greater respect and value towards stakeholders, shareholders, workers as well as the environment. Because, the environment is also all of us, including our factories and our products “. Eurotech’s R&D activities are aimed at creating products and technologies that enable the digital transformation of businesses by focusing on the reduction of waste of both materials and energy, starting from the reduction of the energy impact of computers. The R&D team is made up of more than 100 experts operating between the United States, Japan,UK and Italy. The goal is to exploit the exponential growth of technologies to be able to do more and more with less and less energy, material and time, empowering a long-term growth model.

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