Shindashi Italia shop in Modena

There is no clear distinction between art and crafts. Picasso himself admitted that a work of art is made with the hands, not with the ideas.

Thus, the garments created by Sindashi Company can be considered works of art that are inspired by the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico. Each dress is hand painted by artists and embroidered by women who know very well the traditional art of embroidery.

The company, founded by the Mexican Angela Nasta Obregon, settled in Italy in 2018 first selling products online with the collaboration of the Italian firm Mi Tierra. The opening, at the end of 2019, of a showroom in the heritage center of Modena represents another step forward for Sindashi Company.

Angela’s firm has its beating heart in Mexican culture, crafts and art, as well as Mi Tierra which was actually born from an idea of Angelica Muñoz, a Mexican woman who has always been engaged in commercial activities with her husband Cristiano Tagliavini.

They both decided to create a new company that would disclose to Italian people the pleasure to wear a Sindashi dress. They were impressed not only with the beauty of the dresses but also with the strong social value of the brand concept. Actually, the Mexican company wants to provide a good job opportunity to artists – many of them are street artists – and give proper value the work of women living in local communities.

They have perceived from the beginning difficulties in bringing Mexican bright colors in an Italian context, but Angelica and Cristiano are fully satisfied with the results they have achieved and with the growing interest of people who discover Sindashi dresses in fashion trade shows and fairs. There are many projects planned for the future. They concern both the opening of other showrooms, in Italy and Europe, and the creation of a wider range of products as accessories, always keeping the brand concept alive, which is the creation of unique garments that you can feel and love, able to transfer their energy.

Danielle Maion

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