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Grappa, the Friulian IG grappa, the European brand that defines, designates, presents and labels certain “spirit” drinks, which thanks to a project between seven winemakers from the Karst region and the Camel distillery, leader of the project, which includes the historic distillation brand Bepi Tosolini, is now also a little bit Giulian. Certainly it is even more so than Friuli Venezia Giulia. “A supply chain project started by the tenacious winegrowers of the Carso – illustrated Lisa Tosolini marketing director of the distillery of the same name – which we joined with pleasure because it gave us the opportunity to enhance the product and to be able to include the wording “grappa friulana” on the label”. A perfect meiosis between vintners and producer, all from the territory. “Two distant realities, Friuli and Venezia Giulia, with its Karst – explained Tosolini – that even if morphologically they may appear distant, have found a meeting point in a product part of the regional tradition. It’s a case of saying that “union is strength”. We have, in a certain way – Lisa Tosolini goes on (in the pic, by Anna Airone) – created a sort of bridge that has allowed us to arrive together at the goal that has led to the valorization of autochthonous vines and to the birth of the Friulian Grappa supply chain that is part of our history and our traditions”.
We are talking about a supply chain project, precisely the one related to Grappa Friulana IG, created to improve the production techniques of agricultural products, aimed at reducing the environmental impact during production and processing, with the aim of obtaining high quality products, handcrafted, with zero environmental impact, and 100 percent made in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Among the participants of this project, besides Bepi Tosolini, there are the karst viticulturists, Kante, Skerk, Zidarich, Parovel, Lupinc, Milic and Skerlj, famous names of karstic enology thanks to some autochthonous vines they turned into stars of quality enology, such as Vitovska. Winemakers who, after the vinification process – this is the fundamental step – according to the project, give 80% of the pomace to the leader of the project which takes care of the distillation process as well as the sale of the finished product.
A grappa produced, therefore, with regional pomace, in particular from Karst, to underline the regional nature of the product.
Among the objectives of the project there are the increase of the competitiveness of the aggregated companies on regional, national and international markets, the improvement of viticultural techniques, sustainable viticultural cultivation techniques, the study, development and implementation of innovative solutions related to the production of wine products and related processed products and common projects and investments related to the environmental improvement of production processes and the quality of wine productions and related processed products.
“The project – as informed by Claudio Cescutti, consultant and coordinator of the project – started in 2018 and will end in October this year, was born thanks to the synergy between the winemakers of the Karst and the distillery Bepi Tosolini.
With a supply chain call on PSR-FVG, 9 subjects were financed, namely the 7 winemakers, Camel and the KRAS-CARSO-CAMEL network, which is the owner of the promo-marketing project. As of today, all the agricultural projects and the distillery project have been closed, while the network’s project for promo-marketing remains open. The total cost of the project is 2 million 568 thousand euros against funding of 1 million 330 thousand”.

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