I share the values that are at the base of the Montagna Rock manifesto: they represent what, in concrete terms, we are trying to achieve also with the Carnia Industrial Park, that is: to create value in the mountains, helping companies to settle, offering innovative forms of training and development of new entrepreneurship. As well as confirming our commitment with the companies already operating within the CIP’. These are the words of Roberto Siagri, president of Carnia Industrial Park in Tolmezzo (Ud) regarding the manifesto Montagna Rock, launched by the two companies Froogs and Eurools, supported by Beng, all operating in the mountains – in Resia (Ud) and Villa Santina (Ud) and Tolmezzo (Ud) -.

The seven points of the intellectual bulwark from which we start with a series of concrete initiatives are this:
In the mountains you can do business.
You can decide to live in the mountains, as a life choice.
The quality of life in the mountains is exemplary.
Working surrounded by nature increases creativity.Distances are relative: adequate organization is sufficient. Digital and road infrastructure is a priority.
Mountain companies must offer challenging jobs, full of stimuli, to young people who want to invest their time.

The challenge – continues Siagri – is also, and above all, to systemize what is already there in the mountains and with what is available in the region, to develop the mountains. Digital transformation is a great opportunity for areas like the mountains. What is needed, however, is investment in infrastructure and training together with the common purpose of entrepreneurs, local and regional institutions. I want to believe that we are already on the right track and this manifesto for the mountains is a demonstration of this.

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