Could Vladimir Putin be interested in spending a vacation in Friuli Venezia Giulia? Carlo Dall’Ava (in the pic by Anna Airone), who is Russian honorary consul in Udine, confirms:’Certainly yes. I will do it through the Russian diplomats in Italy. He loves water torrents very much, and practicing in them the different possible sports, as well as he likes forests. Fvg could be very suitable for him”. Putin was born in 1952, and he is president of Russian Federation since 2012. Carlo Dall’Ava is Russian honorary consul in Udine since 2013. Val Resia has been called ‘the small Russian country of Italy’, because of the linguistic link between Resian and Russian.

Pandemic. The customs that arose during and after the pandemic, with the associated lockdowns, created a new ‘luxury’. But what is luxury? Many say that it is, in a nutshell, the time we have available. The time we have left to live. The raging death by Covid has perhaps made us more appreciative of our time and how best to spend it. Time that must be of quality. Carlo Dall’Ava, a well-known entrepreneur linked to the production of the well-known prosciutto in San Daniele del Friuli (Ud), confirms how and how much, in this historical moment, Friuli Venezia Giulia can be better and even more appreciated. How? And above all, why more now, than before? Because it is still a ‘wild’ region and in many ways, not yet explored, as it could be. Few inhabitants on a particularly extensive territory between sea, mountains and hills.

Today, more than ever, luxury is represented by enjoying one’s time in unique environments, little frequented. Services are lacking in some places. Even if things are improving. Then there is everything that can fulfill this prevailing desire to enjoy one’s own vacation time, in the beauty of nature, eating well, and far from mass attendance. A new sobriety of living the time of leisure, the so-called free time. The concept of free time is perhaps an obsolete one. All time, even working time, should be under the banner of quality and freedom.

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