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It is called Revid 19, a brand new instrument developed by Eurotech that is currently being used for the experimental research of the presence of Covid 19 in the human breath. The experimentation is already in progress. Eurotech is a high-tech multinational company listed on the Milan stock exchange (ticker ETH.IM), with branches in Columbia (Md), Salt Lake City (Utah). It is an instrument equipped with IoT and AI technologies plus a specific number of sensors that create a digital twin of the breath. The digital twins of the breaths are then analyzed by a neural networks that will classify the ‘digital breaths’ aiming to recognize the anomalies of the exhaled air. At the moment Revid 19 is in use by Alpi a non-profit organization in Udine (Italy) and the research is directed by Mario Canciani, internationally renowned pulmonologist and who has developed the idea of this test methodology. The experimentation is just in the beginning and there is a need to collect a lot of samples. We need the support of the community: many samples of the breath are required to validate the assumptions. To collect a sample is very simple: just inflate for 20 seconds in th instrument. The is done by the instrument itself. There is no risk of contagion, nor for the health of patients’ explains Canciani. ‘We liked Canciani’s idea – says Ugo Padulosi, head of Research at Eurotech – we have the technologies available in the lab to build the instrument and we are proud to have used the Eurotech’s technologies for this health-protection’s project, in such a complicated pandemic moment. We are excited to test the results of the AI algorithms as soon as we will collect a reasonable amount of data’. Mario Canciani has always dealt with respiratory diseases, first at the Burlo Garofolo Hospital in Trieste and then at the pediatric clinic of the University of Udine. For 12 years on the steering committee of the largest European medical association, the European Respiratory Society, he was the founder of Alpi, the association of asthmatic, allergic and children with respiratory problems, and of Grap: Regional group of allergy-pneumology. He is currently president of the Fvg of Isde (Doctors for the Environment) and coordinator for the Fvg of Siaip (Italian Society of Paediatric Allergies and Immunopathologies) and deals in particular with the effects of pollution on children’s health and on allergic and pneumological diseases of children and adults. He is the author of over 200 scientific publications and about thirty books. Eurotech (ETH:IM) is a multinational company that designs, develops and supplies Edge Computers and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – complete with services, software and hardware – to system integrators and enterprises. By adopting Eurotech solutions, customers have access to IoT building blocks and software platforms, to Edge Gateway to enable asset monitoring and to High Performance Edge Computers (HPEC) conceived also for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. To offer increasingly complete solutions, Eurotech has activated partnerships with leading companies in their field of action, thus creating a global ecosystem that allows it to create “best in class” solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things. Learn more at

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